Accelerate Delivery Newsletter #12
#12 — DEC. 12, 2018
Accelerate Delivery Newsletter

Greetings, ADers!

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America is taking place right now. This conference has been great about releasing its talks. Keep an eye out for the latest in cloud native continuous delivery.

wamberg - Accelerate.Delivery team

Your chipper shipper

Blue/Green Feature Flags

This short piece discusses the relationship between two great continuous delivery practices: blue/green deployments and feature flags.


Fully Automated Continuous Deployment on Android with Bitrise

Mobile apps have additional steps in CD compared to web apps. This is a detailed post on how Buffer handles continuous deployments on Android.

Buffer blog

🔊 Podcasts

Envoy, with Matt Klein

A microservice architecture eases deployment pain. Small services are deployed independently of each other. One drawback of all these individual services is having to reimplement common features. Envoy is a modern proxy that provides many of these common features like load balancing and observability. This podcast interviews Envoy's author Matt Klein.

Kubernetes Podcast

Feature Flags with Edith Harbaugh

This is a wonderful introduction to feature flags. Edith educates listeners on feature flags and how they're more than just "booleans as a service".

Software Engineering Daily

🛠️ Tools

Astra — Automated Security Testing for REST APIs

Looking for a tool to shift left on security? Writing a REST API? Give Astra a shot! Check out the accompanying blog post.


kube-ps1: Kubernetes prompt for bash and zsh

Frivolous CLI fun for k8s 😋