Accelerate Delivery Newsletter #16
#16 — MAR. 6, 2019
Accelerate Delivery Newsletter

Greetings, ADers!

Here's something I try to remind myself daily: Finishing work is more important than starting it. What can you finish today?

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Deconstructing the Monolith: Designing Software that Maximizes Developer Productivity

Emphasizing the "Dev" of "DevOps" we read that Shopify is focusing on building "Modular Monoliths". To summarize Shopify's objective:

We wanted a solution that increased modularity without increasing the number of deployment units, allowing us to get the advantages of both monoliths and microservices without so many of the downsides.

From a developer's perspective I can see how modular monoliths ease the pain of context switching between services. I am curious what Shopify's monolithic continuous delivery pipeline looks like though.

A Rough Guide to Terraform at SendGrid

Here's a retrospective about adopting Terraform at SendGrid. From my experience with Terraform, this post covers months 0 - 3 with Terraform. I love that the post addresses practical obstacles including local development and troubleshooting.

The service mesh era: Securing your environment with Istio

This post is prose to accompany this tutorial. Both resources talk about authenticating and authorizing services with Istio.

Release Frequency: A Need for Speed

This post offers a three-step program to release software more frequently. Spoilers! Here are the steps:

  1. CI
  2. Feature flags
  3. Trunk-based development

Share this post with your team to make changes to your software delivery process.

🔊 Podcasts

Borg, Omega, Kubernetes and Beyond, with Brian Grant

If you're curious about k8s' formation from earlier projects like Borg and Omega, this is a great listen. This podcast talks about the history of k8s and the CNCF. One interesting thought from the podcast is the updated answer to the question, "What is cloud native?" Here's an excerpt from the definition:

[Cloud Native technologies] enable loosely coupled systems that are resilient, manageable, and observable. Combined with robust automation, they allow engineers to make high-impact changes frequently and predictably with minimal toil.

kubernetes podcast

🛠️ Tools


This helm plugin monitors helm releases. helm-monitor automates rollbacks based on ElasticSearch or Sentry metrics.