The Delivery Newsletter #21
#21 - MAY 15, 2019
The Delivery Newsletter

Greetings, ADers

KubeCon is taking place in Barcelona from May 20-23. For those attending, enjoy! For those like me, who will participate from a distance, keep an eye on the CNCF's youtube channel.

wamberg - Accelerate Delivery founder

Your chipper shipper

Why Script Based Deployments to Kubernetes Don't Scale

This post recommends Spinnaker as an alternative to the pile-of-bash many organizations use for software delivery. Can your bash script:

  • Version ConfigMaps and Secrets?
  • Detect when new resources have stabilized?
  • Rollout gradually with Blue/Green or Canary deployments?

If not, it may be time to give Spinnaker a try.

How Jenkins X Accelerates CI/CD

Jenkins X makes CD seem so easy on k8s. This how-to guide covers development and GitOps deployments.

Deploy to Kubernetes with Github Actions

Are you curious about Github Actions? Want to see a short example of what they can do? This post guides you through two files: a k8s deployment.yml, and a GH actions main.workflow. That's all that's needed to deploy to GKE.

🔊 Podcasts

It's time to talk about testing

For the gophers out there, Go Time is back! 💯 This episode covers the evergreen "code coverage" conversation as well as some new territory like "table-driven tests".

🛠️ Tools


Recovery incidents happen. Response is a tool made to help coordinate and report recovery incidents. There's a supporting video that shows the tool in action.

️📅 Events

Continuous Delivery Summit

Are you going to KubeCon Europe? If so, check out the co-located Continuous Delivery Summit. This pre-conference is organized by the folks at the Continuous Delivery Foundation with topics from all of their member projects.