The Delivery Newsletter #25
#25 JULY 10, 2019
The Delivery Newsletter

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5 Minute DevOps: Effective Testing

This post emphasizes the relationship between testing and continuous delivery. Product teams should always run tests to ensure quality, as stated in the article:

There is only a single path to production for any code change, no matter how critical. We always use our emergency process and we always test the same way.

Gone are the days of SSHing into production, changing the live code, and restarting the server 🙂 After describing why tests are the gateway to CI/CD, the post details the types of tests you need in your suite.

Containers Will Not Fix Your Broken Culture (and Other Hard Truths)

You've probably heard, in one form or another, that the hardest part about building software is communication. This post elegantly distills the people-problems you'll encounter during development.

🔊 Podcasts

Deliver It: Ep 88 - Working Software

Cory Bryan presents the benefits of scoping your effort to simple, complete deliverables. I like this podcast for a few reasons, it:

  • Gives you the Product Owner's perspective on software delivery
  • Agrees with the delivery-focused engineer's belief of working in small batches

️🖥️ Videos

Shanghai '19: KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit

Here's a playlist of the latest KubeCon talks! With 200+ videos, there's something for everyone.

TGI Kubernetes 081: Grafana Loki

Take a tour of Graphana's new (read: alpha) product, Loki. Loki is a Prometheus-like take on logging in k8s.


An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management

In the same vein of "all software problems are people problems", here's an excellent read on engineering management. This book recommends organizational and managerial tactics to build happy, efficient engineering teams. Pick it up and learn how to remove people-related barriers to delivery.