The Delivery Newsletter #33
#33 OCT. 30, 2019
The Delivery Newsletter

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The Single Most Important Internal Email in the History of Amazon

Culture controls how data flows through an organization (read more). This post addresses remote work and how it affects communication systems. The author posits asynchronous communication is best in the long run.

Psychological Safety: Models and Experiences

Speaking of culture, I've often thought that trust builds a healthy software delivery pipeline. Without trust, bureaucracy prevails. Teammates inject themselves into points of the delivery pipeline where they have no place. This post takes the idea much farther with additional pre-requisites for psychological safety, which facilitates continuous delivery:

  • Security
  • Autonomy
  • Fairness
  • Esteem
  • Trust
  • You (your personality and biases)

Software Quality, Bugs, and SLAs

This post provides a prioritization framework for software bugs. The framework derives a Service Level Agreement (SLA) from the number and priority of bugs in a backlog. Have too many high-priority bugs? Back off feature work and start squashing!

Announcing Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr)

Dapr is "an open-source project to make it easier for every developer to build microservice applications." This project solves common distributed application problems like state management, resilient method calls, and event handling. Microservices, done correctly, provide a loosely coupled architecture, which is a tenet of continuous delivery. Please note: Dapr pushes a lot of opinions, like k8s.

🛠️ Tools

Bazel 1.0

The Bazel tool builds and tests software. Years of development (the project opened its source in 2015) went into this 1.0 release. Now is the best time to try Bazel if you need fast, consistent builds.


Here's a case study, via code, of how to build a real-world, serverless application. This code uses AWS, but you can extract analogies to the other cloud providers.