The Delivery Newsletter #35
#35 NOV. 27, 2019
The Delivery Newsletter

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Bill - Accelerate Delivery founder

Datadog's 2019 Container Report

This post contains eight container facts from the Datadog team. They based the report on observations from 1.5 billion containers across thousands of customers. The facts range from unsurprising (k8s continues to rise) to interesting (Node.js and Go are more prevalent in container environments).

Markers of Progress in Incident Analysis

How do you know if your team is "learning from incidents?" If the frequency of incidents remains constant (or even increases!), does that mean you're not learning? This post posits, "no." There are other indicators that a team is learning from their incidents.

How to sleep at night having a cloud service: common Architecture Do's

Looking for a simple TODO list to increase throughput and stability? This post provides an uncontroversial foundation of what you should expect from a healthy product.

Four Steps to Creating Effective Game Day Tests

If your team wants to introduce chaos engineering via Game Days, the points from this post are a great place to start. One useful point is to "test your human systems too." Game days aren't just about crashing services and hoping that the machines recover. Game days are about how the team interacts with each other as much as with the machines.


The Unicorn Project

The Unicorn Project is available! For those that love reading about delivery pipelines in books like The Phoenix Project or The Goal, The Unicorn Project will take a similar place. I just started reading the book, and I'm already enthralled.

🛠️ Tools

Kubernetes development, simplified — Skaffold is now GA

Google announces the first generally available release of Skaffold. Skaffold handles building, deploying, and debugging concerns on k8s.