The Delivery Newsletter #39
#39 FEB. 6, 2019
The Delivery Newsletter

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Bill - Accelerate Delivery founder

Continuous GitOps, the way to do DevOps in Kubernetes

Why GitOps? Arun Ramakani proves strong supporting arguments such as improved:

  • Application Delivery Velocity
  • End to End Automation
  • Security, Audit & Compliance
  • Cluster Observability
  • Separation Of Concerns & Easy Migration

Arun presents three possible workflows with GitOps and promises follow-up posts that describe how to implement them.

Bring your monorepo down to size with sparse-checkout

git packages a command, sparse-checkout, that eases the use of large mono-repos. git sparse-checkout checks out a subset files in a git repository. The post provides excellent examples with visualizations of where you may only need to pull an Android client, for one.

Building an Effective Test Pipeline in a Service Oriented World

Airbnb faced a dev challenge: testing. Specifically, integration testing across distributed services that include:

  • Kafka producers & consumers
  • Jobs triggered by a scheduling service

Read how Airbnb found their issue and solved it with a test pipeline integrated into CI/CD.

🎥 Videos

Shifting Left with Cloud Native CI/CD

Christie Wilson presents a technical introduction to Tekton CD. For folks that want to see code, the demoed repo is publicly available. The Tekton project also provides a catalog with dozens of Task examples. The first 17 minutes of Christie's talk is mostly definitions. Feel free to skip past that if you're more familiar with Cloud Native terminology.

🛠️ Tools

ko — Build and deploy Go applications on Kubernetes

Point ko at a go-gettable package, and ko handles the build, packaging, and upload to your specified registry. See ko in action on a recent TGI Kubernetes episode