Outputs and Outcomes

A good pull request is only as big as it needs to be: succinct and targetted. These posts are the same. Written for the delivery-focused engineer, I cover topics around software delivery performance, lean product management, and Westrum organization culture.

What is Cycle Time?

Cycle Time is a comprehensive and versatile metric. It's a boon to any developer concerned with maximizing the impact of their effort. Let's examine this metric and how it may lead you to a streamlined, automated software delivery pipeline.

Continuous Delivery For Hiring

Continuous Delivery removes the friction of delivering code to production. We can apply similar principles to the hiring process in software engineering. Let's examine some experiments you can run on your own hiring pipeline and the benefits you should expect to achieve.

Calculating Cycle Time

"Cycle Time" is a valuable indicator of health for a software delivery pipeline. The calculation of this metric is disputed in software engineering circles. Let's examine the debate and a few formulas you can use.

Delivery Metrics Worth Tracking

What software delivery performance metrics are worth tracking? Here's a testamonial about metrics that matter from an engineering manager at PBS.

Feature Flags in JavaScript with Vanna

Vanna is an easy-to-use feature flagging library. It's lightweight and currently used in production at PBS. In this tutorial we'll go through the easiest way to get started.

Trunk-based Development with Feature Flags

Don't waste time coordinating the features you release with the code you deploy to production. Read the parable of the grocery bagger and heed its cautionary tale. 🛒